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My career has enabled me to gain wide experience in engineering and process related technologies and a sound practical knowledge of bid, project and contract management disciplines including third party vendor assessment and accreditation. In addition I have been able to develop significant expertise in technical documentation, contracts and agreements with respect to partnering, suppliers, Main & Subcontractors and O&M Documentation.

A wide and practical understanding in I.T. systems has been gained through my work in business and process management including Servers, PC & PLC networks and Data Acquisition applications together with multiple-location wired and wireless communications for system and process monitoring.

My technical and commercial experience can be applied to a number of industries. monitory technical and commercial exp

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Whilst being an efficient and effective manager, I have good communication skills. I am also motivated, a motivator in a team environment, enthusiastic and ambitious for both my employer and myself. I would like to continue to utilise these attributes for your business.


Trained in Oil & Gas Engineering and a qualified Mechanical Engineer. Significant experience in Water, Waste, Oil, Gas, Nuclear , Food & Beverage


Over 15 years in senior management roles in engineering, fabrication, manufacturing and Quality Management.


20 years in board level roles in Engineering and Manufacturing for Public and Private companies


Truly International experience in business and engineering.

Trevor Money -
Engineer, Manager, Director