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About Us

Questmoney is a special Commercial Service
We provide affordable, sound advice with action to establish a strategic plan to align businesses with their goals or repair them when suffering commercial “set-back” issues.

Issues like;

Loss or Change in Senior Management, Loss of Market Position, Funding Crisis, Lack of a defined and /or workable Businesses Plan, Loss of Direction, Relocation, Inexperienced or Inept Change Management.

All these and many more issues like them can seriously slow down or stop your business progressing. They can cost a fortune through lack of appropriate action at the right time. They destroy customer or worse, funding confidence. In short, they can KILL your business stone dead.

Taking immediate action and committing to a well drafted strategic plan with the right team will, in most cases, rapidly restore the status quo.

Without customer confidence and the right funding plan your business will not progress.

Questmoney can constructively realign your business and motivate your team. We offer 30 years senior management experience to help business clients survive and win.

The initial consultation is free - if you like us and what we say (and we can work with you) you’re

en route.

Net Credentials gives your business real emphasis bringing your Company and the Internet together. The emphasis is not just greatly enhanced visibility, it is also design impact, credible content, impetus and bonding your people and business with the Internet.

A Web site is an essential marketing tool, it can say a lot about your business - make it count and have an impact - make your people match it. A coordinated approach to doing business. That’s the Net Credentials service!

The Net Credentials service doesn’t just deliver Web sites, it gives your business an “Internet Presence” and hones your team to match it to win.


We’re not just Web site designers, we have 30 years experience running successful private and public companies. That’s executive management, marketing, sales, and finance expertise all rolled into one with some solid IT and Internet development skills as well.


It doesn’t cost the earth, when you are good at what you do, it is achieved more efficiently so the ultimate cost is less than you might expect.

We work to a fixed price for a specific task or to a budget giving you cost updates all the time. You will know how your money is being spent and see what you are getting for it every step of the way.

Does it take long?

A given task does not take us as long to do as many of our counterparts might take. That’s because we are efficient, focused, experienced and we know you need results.

Putting business in your hands

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