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  1. Does your team get to work on time?
  2. Does your team like to attend the work place?
  3. Do they read their emails or post first thing when they arrive at the work place?
  4. Do they respond to customer phone calls quickly?
  5. Do they deal with customer issues?
  6. If customer issues are dealt with by someone else, do they follow them up?
  7. Do they make “to-do” lists and follow them?
  8. Do they prioritise their “to-do” lists?
  9. When an employee requests a meeting with their manager is the request granted as soon as practically possible?
  10. Do your managers know the names of all their subordinates?
  11. Do they regularly report back to you voluntarily?
  12. Can they look you in the eyes when talking to you?

PHASE 1 - About Management

Were the questions answered honestly?

Answering “No” to any of these questions indicates a potential lack of commitment or is a sign of loosing interest.

There may be a reason to answer some of them with a negative but in general terms, the 12 items to the left should all be answered with a “Yes”.

The items addressed in the questions are practices derived from what one would expect a senior manager to adopt as a matter of course in performing their duties diligently.

It is unlikely that any professional, operating efficiently, with a desire to win and “batting on your side” would answer anything other than yes to all these questions.

Would you like a chat with another professional in confidence?

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