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About Trevor Money

Questmoney is  a business service offered to help companies by constructing a tailored, realistic and achievable way forward. Trevor has over 30 years experience in executive management in public and private sector businesses through assignments as Managing Director, Director and General Manager. He is also a qualified engineer having extensive project management experience.

A proprietor of startups, one attaining a 7 figure turnover in 18 months, the second becoming a public company in less than a year and as a Director of another private company that also attained public status, Trevor has valuable experience that enables him to offer constructive advice that will help you and your business move forward with confidence and with more security.

Businesses as diverse as IT, Web site Development, Nuclear Engineering, Water Treatment, Electrical Engineering, Process Controls Engineering and Audio-Visual Systems have benefited from Trevor’s constructive support and help. His pragmatic but fare approach to business together with an honest and straight forward style make him a great asset in any venture and definitely one to have batting in your team.

Trevor will work with you and your senior management team to establish a route forward. He will cut through the boardroom politics and middle management haze to give a clear view of the required objectives. He will work with you to map your future goals and establish with you a clear strategic plan to achieve those goals, removing obstructions, revitalising enthusiasm and putting your business on the main line.

Putting business in your hands

Trevor Money

Cutting through boardroom politics and middle management haze to give a clear view of the objectives.

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