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Business Health Check

What is a business health check?

A business health check is a series of questions we ask you to ask yourself and your senior team.

The business health check requires a certain amount of self analysis and above all, honesty.

One of the most difficult issues to overcome in business reviews is the denial by a business owner or manager that there is something potentially wrong.

Answering the questions honestly will allow us to understand and perhaps to read between the lines to assess the likely hood of underlying issues.

We ask a series of simple questions and if the answers are not as they should be then you really should get us in for a closer look.

We will examine the situation, report on core and peripheral issues and if necessary, prescribe a course of action.

Our approach doesn’t rub your face in the result of a problem, it wheedles out the cause and gets rid of it.


You can
regard our
heath check
as a
medical examination,
we look for symptoms then
prescribe a cure.

A business health check is well worth performing even if you don’t think there’s an issue, it is quite surprising what you discover.

However, if your business was performing well, then plateaued and is now in decline, a business health check is essential.

Business decline is not usually quite so obvious as it appears here in our graph. It is generally more subtle like the problems that cause it can be.

Many organisations offering businesses a health check usually send in the accountants to tell you what you already know. Our approach doesn’t rub your face in the result of a problem, we wheedle out the route cause and recommend a course of action.

There are many signs that one can look for before the rot really sets in. You can regard our health check as a medical examination -  we look for the symptoms then prescribe treatment to aid the cure.

It is possible that loss of business might be due to slowing markets. However, in many cases marketing and sales objectives are often out of line with targets. Your management team might be slow to identify changes in market forces  or are simply not reading the market right. Alternatively, an individual or group within your organisation is/are not performing.

Whatever the cause, investigation, realignment, mentoring and coaching will put the show back on the road.

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