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Privacy Policy

Questmoney takes the privacy of the users of this Web site very seriously and no information imparted to them in the course of discussion or in the carrying out of their business will be passed on or made available to any other party or parties unless permission is explicitly provided in writing by the provider.

Every reasonable effort is made to train staff to be discrete in the handling of information provided to them in connection with doing business for Questmoney. However, Questmoney will not be held responsible for any passing of confidential information by its staff to another party or parties.

From time to time, users of this Web site may agree to provide information to Questmoney verbally or by way of its Web site, and assurance is hereby given that no such information will be used by Questmoney or its agents for any purpose other than the carrying out of its usual business for it’s clients.

From time to time Questmoney may use contact information provided to them by their clients to inform them of events or promotions offered by Questmoney. Cessation of the provision of such information can be arranged on request.

This Privacy Statement declares Questmoney’s intentions with respect to the privacy of any person or party providing information or data to Questmoney.