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Terms and Conditions

The Questmoney Web site is published for persons who wish to know what Questmoney offers in terms information and services. This Web site is provided to aid clients and potential clients find out information about Questmoney with view to helping them decide whether or not Questmoney can provide services suitable for their needs.

Questmoney carry out the administration of this Web site and make every reasonable effort to ensure that its content is not offensive or misleading to its users.The entire contents of this Web site is provided in good faith and whilst every effort is made to keep the content accurate and up to date, the owners and/or agents of Questmoney, accept no liability whatsoever for any loss, or damage, howsoever caused, for any typographical errors or information which may be out of date or inaccurate. On the foregoing basis users of this Web site do so entirely at their own risk and no compensation, refund or any other form of recompense will be made to users of this Web site or any other party except and entirely under the sole discretion of Questmoney.

Questmoney take the privacy of their clients and Web site users very seriously and no information imparted to them in the course of discussion or in the carrying out of their business will be passed on or made available to any other party or parties save for that where permission is explicitly granted in writing by the provider. Every reasonable effort is made to train staff to be discrete in the handling of information provided to them in connection with carrying out the business of Questmoney. However, Questmoney will not be held responsible for the  passing of information to another party or parties.

From time to time, clients or users of this Web site may provide information to Questmoney and/or its staff verbally or by way of this Web site or by written document or any other method, and assurance is hereby given that no such information will be used by Questmoney for any other purpose than the carrying out of the usual business of Questmoney for its clients.

Information presented to Questmoney by any means, by any person or persons is hereby declared and deemed to be free of copyright and permission to use such information is automatically granted free of any charge or fee.

From time to time Questmoney may use information provided to them by their clients or any other person to inform them of events or promotions offered by Questmoney. Cessation of the provision of information can be arranged upon request.

These Terms and Conditions (T&C’s) relate to the use of this Web site in the carrying out of Business for clients of Questmoney.

These T&S’s are not intended to be exhaustive but to give clients and users of this Web site a general understanding of our ethical terms.